Proskida Performs at World Championships and Preps Next Gen Athletes for Olympics

14 February, 2018 (Whitehorse, Yukon Canada) – With the goal of leading the way in performance monitoring technology for cross country skiing, Proskida is proving it’s on the right track as athletes and teams adopt the technology as they vie for the podium.

“Ensuring coaches and athletes have every opportunity to track and analyze data, and improve their performance is a priority for the teams, it’s how they can develop and build Olympians and champions,” says Alastair Smith, Proskida Co-Founder. “That’s how we know this technology is what this sport needs, coaches and athletes need data and we deliver that.  Any advantage can be the difference in taking home a medal. “

Prior to the Olympics in South Korea, Smith headed to Goms, Switzerland to work with Swiss-Ski in implementing Proskida’s technology on the race course at the FIS Nordic Junior and U23 World Championships.

One of the first adopters of the new technology Swiss-Ski is not alone, as Cross Country Canada and the Norwegian Olympic Federation have also secured access to Proskida for their athletes.

Proskida has big ideas for the product and two years of work on the prototype have paid off with the adoption of the technology by these leading cross-country ski nations in one of the toughest endurance sports in the world.

“This is a huge milestone for us. Product development takes time and there will be adjustments made during this testing phase,” said Smith. “Cross-country skiing is the last endurance sport to use performance measurement technology. The fact that our tool is being tested and demoed by national ski teams and a national Olympic federation, tells us they are looking for every advantage and Proskida is leading the way. Communication with the teams currently using the system will be crucial to making improvements as the company moves forward.”

It is expected that a limited run of the Proskida technology will be available as early as next winter and teams and individuals who are interested are already putting in their orders for the system. 

Meanwhile the company continues to work with current and new investors to grow what is already proving to be an international product.

Four years from now, when the next generation of Olympic skiers are preparing for the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing, Smith expects Proskida will have played a key role in helping them achieve their dream.

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Based in Canada’s Yukon, Proskida was co-founded in 2015 by three skiers who apply their technical background and knowledge to build enhanced training tools for cross country skiing.

The company is the world leader in providing performance measurement technology to cross-country skiing. Proskida has built the first Bluetooth enabled cross country ski grip that can measure a skier’s performance and efficiency.

Proskida makes the relationship between technique, effort, force and terrain highly visible and measurable. Coaches can track performance over time and quantify the changes over the season to better understand impact of the training program.

Proskida’s technology is used by the world’s top cross-country skiing nations and was the 2017 winner of the Startup Canada North Innovation Award.


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