About the Program

Proskida is inviting teams to apply to participate in its private beta program.

This is a chance to start measuring real-time performance and efficiency data months ahead of a commercial launch.  

The private beta program is limited to only a few teams or clubs in order that Proskida can provide high level of service.

If your team or club is selected to participate, you will be able to purchase the Proskida grips and in return, we will provide the following:

  • We will work with your athletes and coaches to set up tests to collect performance and efficiency data
  • Our exercise physiologist will analyze your data and work with your coaching staff to identify how best to put the data to work
  • Provide you with the opportunity to influence and shape the development via access to our development team to provide feedback, feature requests and access to specific reports 
  • Supply regular software updates, with new features, reports and data
  • Provide a full warranty on the hardware and electronics

There are only a limited number of spots in the program. Fill out the signup form to express your interest in participating.


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