The Future of Training


Access key performance metrics provided by Proskida. The innovative pole grip captures useful data in spite of variable conditions, and sends it to your smartphone. Apply the knowledge to train to your greatest efficiency and reach your maximum potential.


Coaches: Track Performance Gains All Year

Stay connected to your team in season and out. Move beyond SkiErgs and controlled roller ski tests. Instead, Proskida measures performance out on the trail, for every single ski. Use the resulting data to design workouts specifically for key races or performance goals. Identify true improvements and utilize accurate athlete-to-athlete comparisons. 


Apply for the Proskida Private Beta Program to get a chance to access real-time performance data before it's available to the public.


Athletes: Revolutionize The Way You Train


Measure, respond, and optimize your training to reach next-level performance. The compact, lightweight Proskida grip replaces clunky lab equipment and puts performance measurement right in the palm of your own hand. Take it on every ski you do. Every training ski. Every race. The real-time data lets you see how slight changes in technique impact your performance. It’s powerful data that lets you analyze and then adjust, measure again and adjust again.


Apply for the Proskida Private Beta Program to get a chance to access real-time performance data before it's available to the public.


Private Beta Program

Proskida is inviting select athletes, coaches and teams to participate in a private beta program. This is your chance to get early access to a new technology and begin implementing it in your training.